Los Angeles City view from Griffith Observatory near Hollywood sign.

JP Perez

Official Website

Welcome to my official website! Here you'll find a gateway to my digital presence, offering insights into my journey, passions, and endeavors. Explore my social media profiles, connect with me, and discover more about my interests, and perhaps we can collaborate. Feel free to reach out through the provided contact details. Thank you for visiting!

All of my Social Media.

Welcome to my official social media platforms! Here, you can find direct access to my active profiles where I share updates on my latest projects, thoughts, and experiences. Connect with me on these platforms to stay in touch and explore my content. Follow along, engage in discussions, and gain insights into what drives my passion and creativity, while staying updated on what I'm up to.

Additional social media accounts can be provided upon request. Reach out to me through the Contact Information section listed in the down below.

All about my Music style...

Listen to my music playlist on Apple Music® and Spotify®. I have a wide variety of music genres I listen to. I also have a few playlists I created myself. I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I do.

All of my Photos.

Welcome to my photo gallery! Explore a diverse collection of images that I've curated images available for your viewing. Take a look around and explore different snapshots that offer glimpses into different moments and scenes. Enjoy the visual experience and take in the diverse perspectives captured through my lens.

Kindly refrain from distributing or downloading my photos without prior permission.

All about Money...

Need to pay me? Wanna donate? (why?) Here are the payment methods I accept. Please note I do not accept cash or cheques. I also do not accept any other payment methods not listed below. For any inquiries, refer to the Contact Information section below to get in touch with me.

All of my Contact Information.

You can contact me using the information provided down below. Whether you have inquiries, collaboration proposals, or simply want to say hello, I'm always delighted to connect with you and I'll make sure to respond as soon as possible.


OFFICIAL: Click it to copy hi@me.imjpp.com

This is the only official email where you can contact me other than the social media above.


None available at the moment.

REMINDER: Please do not send any attachments or links, as well as malicious or sensitive messages. Kindly note that while I welcome your messages, for security and efficiency reasons, I refrain from opening unsolicited attachments or links. Moreover, I value a respectful and constructive dialogue and reserve the right to disregard any content that is offensive, inappropriate, or intended to cause harm. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a positive and safe communication environment.

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